Paul Lieber

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written and directed
by James Morrison

Best Actor Award for Paul Lieber:
Albany Film Festival

Best Short of the Festival Award:
Northampton Film Festival

Third Place Narrative:
Central Florida Film and Video Festival

Audience Choice Award
for Best Short:
Slamdance Film Festival

Honorable Mention,
Blockbuster Competition:
Wine Country Film Festival

Paul Lieber and Erich Anderson in "Parking"
Click photo to view full 12 min. Quicktime movie

"...a warp force furious comedy that taps into the most universal and powerful emotion of the technological age - urban traffic Angst. On the surface, Morrison's premise is deceptively slight, but Ray's passionate diatribe is nothing less than a thinking man's outcry against the decline of Western civilization." ---Los Angeles Times

"Parking is a marvelously rich theatrical vignette. The fiery argument that ensues eloquently touches on issues of class and machismo. It is soon clear that what is at stake is not just parking protocol, but the price of manhood in present-day America." ---Philadelphia Inquirer

"Parking, one of the hits of the 1998 Fringe Festival and classic Fringe fare: challenging traditional notions of performance..." ---Philadelphia Magazine

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